Statement #2. Long-term International Observation Mission Committee of the International Control for the human rights situation in Belarus

Acting on behalf of the Committee of the international control over human rights situation in Belarus, which unites representatives of organizations for human rights from the OSCE countries together international non-governmental organizations,

  • monitoring the overall situation with the observance of fundamental human rights in the Republic of Belarus, as well as the protection of human rights and ensure their professional activities,
  • emphasizing that human rights are the subject of direct and legitimate concern of international civil society;
  • urging the government of Belarus to follow the undertaken international obligations in the sphere of human rights, and urging the participating OSCE countries to control the fulfillment of these obligations according to the principles of OSCE.

Long-term International monitoring mission states the following:

Given the Committee's statement on international monitoring of the human rights situation in Republic of Belarus of 31.12.2010 on the non-renewal of the mandate of the OSCE office in Minsk, we are concerned about the possible decrease in the level of cooperation between the authorities of Belarus to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and other international organizations working in sphere of soft security and human dimension.

The Mission hopes that, despite the possible closure of the office, recommendations, reports and other applications on behalf of the OSCE and other international organizations on human rights situation in the Republic of Belarus will be constructively received by the government. We are waiting for Belarus authorities’ acts that would confirm its commitment to all the undertaken international obligations, including those within the CIS and the OSCE.

Under these conditions, we also believe it appropriate direction to the Republic of Belarus, OSCE Special Representative, with a mandate to work on the human dimension. In our opinion, for prompt and effective action in this direction may initiate "Moscow Mechanism" of the OSCE.

For information:

"Moscow Mechanism" - the control procedure in the framework of the OSCE, which allows the State / Member States to pursue the OSCE report, the OSCE member countries, allowing systemic human rights violations (in the human dimension commitments) and review of expert reports prepared on the identified violations of the governing bodies of the OSCE.

Head of Mission
Andrey Yurov

January 3rd, 2011
Minsk, Belarus 

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